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How good is technology without knowing how to harness the power of it?

At MVS, we provide the training tools so you can make the most out of your interactive technology investment. Our SMART™ Certified Trainer will come on-site to your location and provide an informative and interactive training so that you and your organization can harness the power, efficiency, and creativity of the SMART™ products.  Our Instructor offers 1.5 hour, 3 or 6 hour trainings, and our Instructor is also able to prepare a custom training based on your needs and goals.

  • Our Instructor is Certified in Notebook 10, Meeting Pro Premium, & Advanced Notebook
  • Training Manuals provided for each participant
  • Up to 15 participants can attend
  • We promise you will enjoy the training experience - it's informative, engaging, and interactive!
  • Contact (202) 722-7981 option 1 for sales, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.


About our SMART Certified Trainers:

Our SMART Certified Trainers provide consulting and training services on SMART™ products throughout DC, MD and VA, working with schools and government agencies.

Each of our trainers have a love of technology, and possess great facilitation and presentation skills. The MVS team believes in the need for 21st century technology in the classrooms to teach 21st century children. SMART Technologies can assist educators close the education gap between low performing students and high performers. Technology in the classroom can be an important resource toward teaching a more interactive, interesting curriculum to attract more students to learning.

These same principles equally apply to the business setting – you can engage each participant with the use of interactive whiteboard technology and more effectively collaborate with your team, which increases the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings.

 We hope our enthusiasm regarding how SMART can transform the learning and meeting experience is contagious!


Key Advantages of SMART Technology
  • Easy to Learn and Easy to Use
  • Write in Digital Ink over software programs
  • Save your notes & lessons
  • Save, download, and email notes instantly
  • Focus the attention of your audience
  • Active participation in learning and collaborating
  • Engage students and key stakeholders